Panhandle Health District Medical Reserve Corps Registry

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for emergency response in North Idaho!

Volunteer Idaho is an electronic database for the Medical Reserve Corps of North Idaho, a group of healthcare and support personnel interested in volunteering for emergencies such as an earthquake, severe weather event, or public health emergency. Volunteers of all skill levels and backgrounds are needed during an emergency response. Registration in the system does not commit you to volunteering for an event. You will always be asked if you are available.

You might find it helpful to watch the Video Tutorial that walks you through how to register in Volunteer Idaho.

In Volunteer Idaho, there are four drawers that ask for information. Please be sure to complete all of them (with Background Information being optional). They include:
GENERAL INFORMATION – provide name, contact information and level of participation (it also asks for height/weight, eye/hair color, but that isn’t needed). IF YOU ARE A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL, please enter your name exactly as it appears on your license. If you have a different last name or prefer to use a nickname, enter it under ALIAS. This database does a search of the Idaho state licensing agencies to validate licenses, and if the name isn’t exact, it will not validate your license in this database and it will have to be done manually.
CREDENTIALS AND LICENSES – your profession and any licenses you hold. Please enter your license number as it appears on your license, for example, 54321 vs. rn54321 or RN-54321.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION – is optional, but helpful when assigning you to a team. If you complete this section, you do not need to enter any medications you take.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Please complete at least the first 3 questions – this gives us permission to contact you in an emergency and attests to your answers.

All information collected in this database is confidential and private (non-public), security information under Idaho Code 9-340(B) and is only accessible to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, your District Health Department, and their federal, state, regional or local partners in responding to a public health emergency. Your information will only be viewed by authorized system managers. Upon completion of your registration, you will be contacted by either the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare or your local Medical Reserve Corps Unit.

If you have questions during the registration process you may contact: Tami Martin, MRC Unit Coordinator at 208-415-5180 or

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer!

This system is 100% funded by cooperative agreement funding awarded to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare from the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The system is compliant with requirements of the Emergency System for the Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).