About MRC

In an emergency, natural disaster,
or public health incident, volunteers
with the right training are invaluable.
Volunteers are needed all across Idaho.
Whether or not you have medical
training, you can become an everyday
hero by registering with the Medical
Reserve Corps in your area. Volunteer
training is free.

Emergencies give rise to thousands of
everyday heroes. You can be one of them.
Register now to join the Medical Reserve


What is the Medical Reserve Corps?
Formed in 2002, the Medical Reserve Corps is a nationwide program comprised of private citizens, medical and public health professionals who sign up to serve as community volunteers during natural disasters, emergencies, and public health incidents.

Why was the MRC created?
In an emergency, the immediate deployment of emergency medical personnel is critical. However, such events can quickly overwhelm hospitals and health systems with individuals urgently in need of care. In addition, it is often difficult in the midst of a disaster to locate qualified volunteers and coordinate large volunteer efforts. The MRC was created to engage volunteers to strengthen public health preparedness, emergency response, and
community resilience.

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What do MRC volunteers do?
Local MRC volunteers provide a variety of services
to their communities during an emergency situation
including handing out supplies, signing people into
shelters, or giving needed information. Medically
trained MRC volunteers can also administer
immunizations, provide health education, and offer
medical support. All MRC volunteers may also assist
in ongoing public health efforts, such as helping out
at health fairs, during non-emergencies.

Who can join the MRC?
While doctors, nurses, and other medical profession-
als are a core part of the Medical Reserve Corps,
the MRC does not limit membership to those in the
medical community. Individuals without medical
training can fill essential supporting roles. Simply
put, any citizen with an interest in helping keep their
community prepared for an emergency is qualified
to be in the MRC.

What do I need to do if there is an emergency?
In the event of a disaster, you will receive an alert
requesting volunteers. You will then have the chance
to accept or decline the volunteer request. There is
no obligation to participate in an activation. Training is free, no medical background is necessary, and it’s a
great way to help keep your community prepared.

Help your community today become prepared for tomorrow.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • EMTs
  • Social workers
  • Mental health counselors
  • Clergy
  • Translators
  • Clerical staff
  • HAM radio operators
  • Warehouse workers
  • Transportation workers
  • IT specialists
  • Anyone who cares about their community and neighbors!

Volunteers are needed to help their community during:

  • Severe weather
  • Earthquake
  • Flooding
  • Wildfire
  • Communications failure
  • Other disasters
  • Infectious disease outbreak
  • Community outreach and education about preparedness
  • Health fairs
  • General office help